Also i'm working on stuff. How are you guys feeling?


2015-10-25 12:17:33 by AlAlmonds

I'm really diggin this and maybe you will too



2015-09-26 11:00:34 by AlAlmonds

ur kinda gay dude


2015-08-29 00:24:46 by AlAlmonds


This pic was meant to be something else but I turned it into a promo pic


So I've used newgrounds a long while, though only start an account in 2012. I think I did so around then to start making cartoons after looking at all of yotam perel's stuff. So I tried a few times with some real shit scraps that i've obviously gotten rid of. Some i'd left.


Though I had eventually thought out this story idea called Poop and Scoop. Now after that cartoon, I hadn't been absent from viewing newgronds content but i had been gone from making my own for a good 3 years. Then last year, trying to own up to it and taking animation more seriously (on newgrounds?) I had struggled that year trying to releasing a cartoon after having relaunching my idea.

Though not so soon after some serious extensive planning, during production, I had lost everything and the episode was gone. I was devastated for awhile because I really wanted to get back into web toons with something being somewhat good. Then i tried brushing along.

I had gotten real lazy and realized that awkward piece "Blind Date". Not everyone liked it and I wasn't surprised. Anyways, no bitching. I'm back again and after picking my feet, I want to make Poop and Scoop a thing again, I'm already in the middle of an episode. My plan was to release it in september and work through august, but I had lost my pen and had wasted alot of time. Which sucks loads of dick. So now that i'm back into it, I'm going to release this in hopes that 2015/2016 will be my years for content. NOW I MEAN ONLY IF YOU GIVE A FUCK. 


I also thought that along with the new Poop and Scoop episode, I should also maybe launch a donations page for those who want to see my projects grow. I want to do things like collab with sweet artists that'll help me with my cartoons while also paying them. I also want to maintain shit like my own website that'll serve as a hub for all my content. That is just something i'd rather do then use yotube. Who  knows I might have to abandon alot of these ideas but it really depends on whether I could get any of this through.




A picture my friend Bazookles made for me tonight.


Anyways I should probably go and get the damn thing done or something.





Poop and Scoop relaunch

2014-10-01 21:17:41 by AlAlmonds

Working on 2nd toon of Poop and Scoop. Getting more help this time. Also I will also be doing commissions. PM me or go to my commissions page. Thank ya naws